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engineering services

Engineering And Maintenance

We use the modern day's approach to execute engineering projects. In all our engineering fields global standard is maintained. We offer engineering services as follows:

civil engineering in nigeria

Civil Engineering Services

Our civil engineering jobs includes pipeline/flowstation construction and repair,mechanical design & construction...

equipment leasing

Equipment Leasing

We lease equipments like Bulldozer, Graders, Paver, Rollers, Pumps, rotating machines, compressors, Welding machine...

manpower and support

Manpower Supply & Support

At Idas Nigeria Limited, we provide support & human resources like Operators, mechanics, caterers, engineers, technicians, welders, filter, labourers...

swimming pool

Swimming Pool Construction

Here you'll find services like; the construction and rehabilitation of modern swimming pools and other forms of civil construction jobs as may be required...

mechanical maintenance

Maintenance services

We offer maintenance services on sandblasting, Spraying and painting, Flowstation Maintenance, Mechanical Maintenance, Electrical Maintenance...

Idas Nig. Service Overviews

We use the modern day's approach to execute engineering projects. In all our engineering fields global standard is maintained. We offer engineering services as follows:


Civil engineering, Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, Instrumentation, Sandblasting, Ship Chandlers, Stevedoring, deep sea operators cargo agents, Geologist, tank welding, tank fabrication, tank installations, environmental services, manpower supply, marine boats, marine equipment, tug boats, boat leasing, general contractor. The scopes of these services are completely explained in their respective headers below:

Civil Engineering Services

  • Clearing of right of way,trenches, backfill & pipeline stringing.
  • Civil structural works in flowstations and depots
  • Building construction & rehabilitation projects
  • Road construction projects
  • Construction of overhead tanks (all sizes/shapes).

Engineering & Maintenance

  • Pipeline/flowstation constructions & repair
  • Mechanical design & construction
  • Installation, commissioning, upgrade & maintenance of crude oil, gas and water process facilities
  • Electrical instrumentation, Telecommunication design & construction
  • General welding/fabrication/installation.

Equipment Leasing

  • Heavy plants Bulldozer, Graders, Pavers, Rollers etc.
  • Pump & rotating machines
  • Compressor & welding machines
  • Sandblasting & spraying machines
  • Vehicle & sea-going vessels (speed boats, bargesm, tugs, house boats etc.)

Manpower Supply & Support

  • Supply of operators & mechanics for equipment & plants
  • Caterers
  • Engineers & technicians
  • Welders, filter & labourers
  • Drivers, Boat pilots & Captains
  • Poject managers
  • Instrument engineers
  • Painters
  • Water Engineers
  • Production engineers
  • Mechanical/Electrical engineers.

Water facilities engineering

  • Drilling of all dimension of water well up to 600 meter
  • Over head tank Fabrication and Installation
  • Tank foundation
  • Reticulation systems
  • water treatment systems
  • Submersible pump, supply and installations
  • Bore hole accessories supply.

Idas Nigeria Service List

  • Civil Engineering Services.
  • Engineering & Maintenance.
  • Equipment Leasing.
  • Manpower Supply & Support
  • Maintenance services:.
  • Water facilities engineering.

Listed New Services:


We are well suited to provide services for the major operators in oil and gas sectors of the economy. At the set, we had offered our services in equipment leasing and procurement. Since then, we have expanded our services to include:

  • On-shore oil and gas facilities repair.
  • Flowstation rehabilitation environmental upgrade.
  • Electrical and instrument revamp services.
  • Civil engineering and construction.
  • Pipeline and flowline construction and repairs.

Equipment Lease

We have the following equipments for lease at IDAS NIGERIA LIMITED:

  • CAT 966D Pay Loader.
  • Manitowoc crane (120 tone)
  • Bulldozers
  • 20 tons truck
  • Concrete mixers/pumps
  • Rollers
  • Lincoln Welding machine (diesel)
  • Cat 3304 Generator set
  • PPM Motor Crane
  • 6Tons Forklift
  • Pumps
  • Bitumen Spray
  • Compressors
  • Hoists
  • Piles Driller
  • Graders
  • Dumpers
  • Steel Scaffolding etc
  • Hand Mixer
  • Low Bed Trawlers
  • Lorries
  • Tippers
  • Flat Bed Trailers
  • Tower Crane
  • Slip Forms

For equipments leasing and other business CONTACT US.




Maintenance services

  • sandblasting, Spraying and painting
  • Flowstation Maintenance
  • Mechanical Maintenance
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Instrumentatiion Maintenance
  • Pipe coating and maintenance
  • Well head maintenance



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